Dentek Easy Reach Floss Picks

Dentek Floss Picks catch what's in between your teeth no matter how hard it is to reach.
Dentek will partner with Fortnite to showcase how their floss picks can get to the places regular floss can't, like winning a game in Fortnite. Fortnite has the broadest age demographic of any video game which allows Dentek to target a lot of people within its audience. The below screens are sequentially ordered, starting with unlocking this new weapon in game, looking at its statistics and power in the menu, waiting at the loadout screen with the pick, and then ultimately winning a game with it. All of this shows the player that the pick provides the easiest way to win the game and can provide the easiest way to get to places in your mouth that are difficult to reach with regular floss. 
This two page spread will show the release of the partnership with Fortnite. 

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