You came to my portfolio website to find advertising. Well, instead here is a movie I made. I put it on the front page of my portfolio because this is what I want you to see first. The most proud piece of work I have ever made in my life. This is who I am. See a full description of the video below.
The Wild West. Lawless and dangerous. Home to some of the world’s most rugged and gritty mountains. A dream for a broke college student with no money. A fantasy for a snow-deprived kid living on the East Coast. For some, however, a mere delusional thought can burrow itself so deep into the brain that it becomes a sensible reality. That is this story. 
17 days. 5200 miles. 1 Subaru Outback. 4 boys. 8 skis. A tale of a few friends on a budget trying to chase winter. By Emmet, Connor, Liam, and Joe, I present to you “Just Go.” 
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Joe DeBlasio / @joey_d18 
Connor Mulligan / @connor_mulligan 
Liam Pierce / @pierceliam 
Emmet Raichle / @eraichle 
In Partnership With: Siroko / @sirokocom 
Use link for discounted equipment. 
Shot & Edited / Directed & Written: Joe DeBlasio 
Narration: Joe Geoffrey 
Music: The Fruit is for Everyone / The Growlers, Sun Medallion / King Tuff, Catamaran / Allah Las, Shut the World Out / Kasbo, Daylight / Aaron Nazul, One Million Lovers / The Growlers, Wurli / Dominik Fike, Sundial / Para One 
Locations: Jackson Hole Alta Snowbird Brighton Solitude Deer Valley

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