Art Director: Joe DeBlasio
Copywriter: Alyssa Loffredo
See the world through a LEGO lens.
tiktok filter
Users will be able to use the app to pick a filter as they would with any normal TikTok video they make. They will select the LEGOFY filter and then the video/image they have will be transformed into a LEGO world. 
snapchat filter
Kids will be able to view their world through a LEGOFY filter on Snapchat.  They will select the LEGOFY filter and then the scenery in the image or video will be transformed into a LEGO world. 
selfie lens
Use the selfie lens on your camera and get a LEGOFIED version of yourself.
creator kit and minifigures
After using the filter on either Snapchat or TikTok, users will be prompted to swipe up to buy their customized figure and introduce the LEGO Creator Kit. The LEGO Creator Kit is designed with imagination in mind - including enough colors and pieces to build anything kids desire. ​​​​​​​
creator kit instructions
Whenever kids use the LEGOFY filter, LEGO send custom instructions on exactly how to build what is seen through the camera using the Creator’s Kit.
LEGOFY stickers
‘Legofy It’ stickers let kids bring the filter beyond social media. Created with QR technology, when users scan the stickers, the object it's placed on will transform into its LEGO form. Stick it on a skateboard, stick it on a backpack, even stick it on Grandma - and let others experience your LEGOFIED world.  ​​

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