I am the founder and product designer of Skipod, a ski pole and camera tripod all-in-one integrated system. 
What started as merely an idea for my capstone in Information Technologies, Design, and Startups is now my full-time side hustle.
 Skipod recently received $2000 in investments from the RvD Pitch Competition to develop the alpha (and later, beta) and continue iterating on the system's product design. ​​​​​​​

Problem:  Filmmakers have a difficult time bringing all of their ski gear onto ski mountains to shoot. Tripods alone ruin the ski experience by being big and lunky on the outside of the backpack, and if the skier falls the tripod can break and enhance injury.
Our solution is to make an all-in-one tripod and ski pole product to remove the burden of carrying a tripod on a backpack. Ski Pod breaks apart and can be reassembled into a tripod.  It works by breaking apart into two pieces, the bottom and top half of each pole separate (creating 4 poles), and each pole’s handle grip slides off. Three poles slide into the tripod mount to work as the legs of the tripod. The other pole slides into the camera mount to work as a handle and this camera mount would be the final piece needed for the Skipod to function with any size camera.
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