Art Director: Joe DeBlasio
Copywriter: Shaoli Yusaf
Show what "boys will be boys" really translates to.
The Bully Project will form a partnership with Twitter in National Bullying Prevention Month that creates a posting wall for people who want to post phrases like "boys will be boys" or other language that is considered bullying. Before people are allowed to post their tweet, they will be asked to watch a video about bullying in the hopes that they will reconsider what they want to post. After watching the video they will still be allowed to post, but their post will be blurred in an effort to keep Twitter a safe space. The information notice on the post will continue to educate people on their feeds about The Bully Project and its efforts to keep people accountable for their language. 
The Bully Gallery features exhibits where children are bullying other children in the presence of an adult. After watching the bullying skit, visitors of the gallery are able to ring a bell to get the adult's attention. When they think something is going to be done, the adult shrugs the incident off, citing that "boys will be boys." The stickers will create a "ring the bell" movement amongst school authorities. We hope they become a symbol of safety for kids who are bullied. The goal of the gallery is to show how adults can enable bullying by excusing boys' behavior. Hopefully it encourages more adults to step in when they see bullying.

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